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Some media exposure for MuseCon!
In Robot Magazine, Salvador Garcia did nice writeup of our outreach programs in the context of his reporting on OSMOSES 2013:

"The Build a Blinkie is always a great success. This year Musecon provided a basic blinkie that was offered free to participants..."

"...This simple workshop taught their participants how to solder. The reward was a brightly colored blinking gadget. As my wife and I dashed past the assembly tables on the way to the next conference, we always saw lots of young people huddled over the table soldering their blinkie."

There was also a nice closeup photo of blinkies being built.

MuseCon 4 Pre-Reg update
Your chance to get the lowest registration rate for the year is going on now, but only for a bit longer!

March 1st all rates will be going up $5 each, so you'll want to sign up before then to get the best deal possible. Just head to http://www.musecon.org/ for all of this year's details and the link to registration.

Note - this is the first year we're going with incremental pre-registration, so we'd like to ensure as many folks as possible get the word. Please feel free to share this information with all of your friends.

For those of you who have bought memberships, thank you, and we'll see you in August at a phenomenal MuseCon. For those of you just reading this, there is a bit more time! Come join the fun!

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